Sostanze Altamente Attive: Rischi E Contenimento

Polycrystalline e CSV Life Sciences organizzano la Giornata di Studio sul tema "SOSTANZE ALTAMENTE ATTIVE: RISCHI E CONTENIMENTO" che si terrà a Bologna il giorno 16 Novembre 2017.   S

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Controlled Substances Studies & Analysis

PolyCrystalLine received the authorization N°487/2016 from the Italian Ministry of Healthfor the study and chemical/physical analysis of controlled substances. Polycrystalline has invested in ca

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Highly Potent API

Polycrystalline is expanding its HPAPI offerings, up to OEB 5 level of containment for the synthesis, study and development of anti-cancer and cytotoxic APIs. Polycrystalline has invested in capacity

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Minodronic Acid novel form

PolyCrystalLine discovered a novel crystalline form of Minodronic Acid and filed a patent application. For additional information contact

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“... every compound has
different polymorphic forms...
and the number of forms known for a given
compound is proportional to the time and
money spent in research on that compound.”

McCrone, 1965‏

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