MyCrystalPro: Outsourcing 2.0

MyCrystalPro: shine some light into your outsourcing box! In order to offer an added value to our clients at Polycrystalline we have developed our own web tool for project communication: MyCrystalPro

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9th Crystal Forms@BO Convention

9th CRYSTAL FORMS@BO CONVENTION (4-6th June 2017, Bologna)  “CRYSTALLIZATION BY DESIGN” Making, discovering, protecting and using crystal forms ABOUT THE CONVENTION The invest

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Highly Potent API

Polycrystalline is expanding its HPAPI offerings, up to OEB 5 level of containment for the synthesis, study and development of anti-cancer and cytotoxic APIs. Polycrystalline has invested in capacity

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Crystallisation by Design

The development of new pharmaceutical products is often hindered by difficulties in obtaining the drug as a stable crystalline solid. Since 2005 the mission of PolyCrystalLine is to support our client

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“... every compound has
different polymorphic forms...
and the number of forms known for a given
compound is proportional to the time and
money spent in research on that compound.”

McCrone, 1965‏

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