Because of the uncertainties still associated with the pandemic of SARS-COVID-19 the 11th edition of the Bologna Convention on Crystal Forms CF@Bo n.11 will take place in online mode. As in the past occasions the meeting will bring together, albeit in virtual mode, academic and industrial experts interested in sharing experience and discussing perspectives and new challenges regarding:

      1. Recent advances in solid forms discover,
      2. Synthesis and properties of crystal forms,
      3. Multicomponent crystal forms.

Considering the online setting, the duration of the talks will be of 20 minutes and each section will be followed by a round table discussions and flash presentation by young participants aiming to a vivacious, informal, exchange of ideas with a focus on the state of the art on the investigation of crystal polymorphism, salts, co-crystals, solvated and amorphous solids, their characterization and use in the pharma and agrochemical sectors.

As for all previous meetings of this series initiated in 2006, CF@Bo n. 11 is organized jointly by the group of Molecular Crystal Engineering of the University of Bologna, the oldest University of the western world, and by the former spinoff company PolyCrystalLine spa.

The online convention will take place on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 September on the zoomonline platformfor a maximum of 200 participants.

A number of top notch scientists have already accepted the invitation to deliver a talk at the convention. The preliminary programme will be published in May.


The convention will address not only issues at the frontier of the field, where “curiosity driven” and applied research interplay in a synergistic way, but also practical implications of crystallization techniques and process control development.