Process Optimization

Process Development

We can optimise synthesis and crystallization processes, ranging from synthetic route scouting to process scale-up allowing for batches of grams to kilograms of small-scale production, while ensuring flexible and robust procedure that can easily be transferred to pilot-scale, and finally to high volume industrial production of API that exhibit consistent, and optimised, physical and bulk properties.

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Process Impurities

Impurities contained in drug substances might occur from intermediates, excipients, degradation or manufacturing as an unwanted by-product. We are able to isolate, characterize and synthesise process related impurities for use as standard materials. We can support you establishing a proper control system involving manufacturing conditions and developing suitable analytical methods.

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Custom Synthesis

We can synthesize and characterize reference compounds of APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates and critical process related impurities in a timely and cost-effective manner. Also, we can support you with the development of a control system for impurities involving manufacturing conditions and suitable analytical methods. Scout the best API supplier on the market. Reproduce the selected procedure to obtain the desired crystalline form. Deliver the selected crystalline form with high purity profile and CoA.

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Route Scouting

Our team has a proven history of achievement with complex chemistry challenges and can support you to synthesize any challenging molecules by designing new synthetic routes and high quality. Optimise and re-design your synthesis route with respect to synthesis time, the environmental impact, yield and purification. Increase the efficiency of your processes.

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Scale-Up and Tech Transfer

We offer efficient scale up of multi-step procedures. The use of automated reactors (with FT-IR, FBRM, pH, temperature and turbidity sensors, etc.) guarantees the monitoring of all parameters. Real-time crystallisation monitoring to generate detailed profiles.

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