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mercoledì 22 aprile 2015

In 2005 the company was born out of the Molecular Crystalline Engineering (MCE) group of research coordinated by Professor Dario Braga in the Department of Chemistry “G. Ciamician” of the University of Bologna.

We are a high performing cohesive team that provides reliable solutions to optimise and control the crystallisation process of APIs for pharmaceutical companies.

Our mission Crystallization by Design. We support our clients during drug development, helping them to reduce batch failure, avoiding costly crystallisation issues and overall offering greater confidence in drug quality during manufacturing. We can support you from early-phase drug discovery to kilogram supply.

Polycrystalline has invested in capacity, state of the art equipment, and people who have a passion for developing solutions for clients with complex chemistry challenges.

Our level of containment for HPAPI is OEB 5 for the synthesis, study and development of anti-cancer and cytotoxic APIs.

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