10th ED. CF@BO 2019

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martedì 19 giugno 2018

CF@BO 2019


The investigation and optimization of crystal forms are at the forefront of industrial as well as fundamental research.

The event will bring together academic and industrial experts interested in sharing experience and discussing perspectives and new challenges regarding:

  • Recent advances in solid forms discovery
  • Synthesis and properties of crystal forms
  • Multicomponent crystal forms
  • Intellectual property issues

En route to the 10th Bologna’s convention on crystal forms

The meeting brings together young and senior scientists from academy and industry in an informal, highly productive, dense but relaxed, two and half days forum focused on the state of the art on the investigation of crystal polymorphism, salts, co-crystals, solvated and amorphous solids, their characterization and use in the pharma and agrochemical sectors. Intellectual property issues will also be discussed.

As for all previous meetings of this series initiated in 2006, CF@Bo n. 10 is organized jointly by the group of Molecular Crystal Engineering of the University of Bologna, the oldest University of the western world, and by the former spinoff company PolyCrystalLine spa.

The convention will begin on Sunday 9 June at 2 p.m. at the University of Bologna, and proceed on Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 at the Aemilia Hotel close to the University and the town centre.

Early bird registration will be open in January 2019. As we are beginning to organize the scientific programme we are happy to inform that a number of scientists from university, research centres and companies have already expressed their interest in contributing (see below). Further contributions are expected. Partecipants will also have the opportunity to present their work in the poster session that will take place in the afternoon of Monday 10 .


Joel Bernstein


New York University, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai

Len MacGillivray


University of Iowa, Iowa, USA

Sally Price


University College London, London, UK

Bucar Kreso


University College London, London, UK

Jon Steed


University of Durham, UK

Aurora Cruz Cabeza


University of Manchester,  UK

Mike Zaworotko


University of Limerick, Ireland

Silvia Cuffini 


Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP) - São Paulo, Brasil

Jonas Baltrusaitis


Lehigh University, Bethlehem, USA

Ashwini Nangia


CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, India

Christer Aakeroy


Kansas State University, USA

Doris Braun


University of Innsbruck

Vania Andrè


Istituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa, Portugal


Oertling Heiko


Nestlé, Lausanne, Switzerland

Matteo Daldosso 


Aptuit (Verona) Srl, an Evotec Company, Italy

Geoff Zhang


AbbVie Drug Product Development, Chicago, USA

Kevin Back


Pfizer Ltd, Sandwich, UK.

Pirmin Hidber


LaRoche, Basel, Switzerland

Philippe Ochsenbein


Sanofi Aventis. Montepellier, France

Amy Robertson


AstraZeneca Chemical Development Macclesfield, UK

Susan Reutzel


Eli Lilly Indianapolis, USA

Ana Kwokal and Neil George 


Syngenta Crop Protection

Giuseppe Viscomi 


AlfaSigma, Bologna Italy

Luc Aerts 


UCB Pharma S.A., Belgium

Ilaria Goss


European Patent Office

Michelle O’Brien   Marbury Law USA



The convention will address not only issues at the frontier of the field, where “curiosity driven” and applied research interplay in a synergistic way, but also the practical implications in defining crystallization techniques and developing process control.




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