The integration of our CRO knowledge and CDMO capabilities places PolyCrystalLine as an excellent partner in the production of intermediates and APIs in GMP compliance.

Our team can support you in the optimization and in the synthesis of challenging molecules from gram to kilogram scale with consistency and optimized physical and bulk properties.


As Polycrystalline CDMO we see ourselves as your strategic partners, with our reliability and our full commitment to meet your need into the development of new APIs and HPAPIs we want to unlock the full potential of our partnership going beyond the classic client/supplier relationship.

Our recent investment is aimed to meet and outmach your expectations, our innovative technologies, our custom made plant , our highly skilled scientisst and our continuous reaserch to reach the excellence are just some of the keys of Polycrystalline CDMO.

We look forward to have the chance to be your partner and join Polycrystalline in the journey from a small start-up to a fully integrated CDMO.


cGMP Manufacturing (Pre-Clinical, Phase I, II and III)

Our new small molecule API custom manufacturing capabilities integrated with our R&D facility will allow PolyCrystalLine CDMO to bring your project from early phase development to scale-up and commercial manufacture ensuring the right solid forms. We have been doing this for many years. PolyCrystalLine CDMO is a partner that you can trust.


Quality by Design (QbD) Process Development

When it comes to the production of your API you want to be sure to have the right process in your hands. That’s why Quality by Design approach for the process delopment is one of our main focus! Our approach ensures the robustness of the process, employing statistical, analytical and risk-management methodology in their design, development and manufacturing. With Polycrystalline you will get the quality you need.


Integrated Technology Transfer and Full Analytical Support

A streamlined project control and management between PolyCrystalline SPA sites will guarantee besides an efficient technology transfer, an unbeatable support with all the analytical techniques available in our facilities.


Scale-Up and Tech Transfer

We offer efficient scale up of multi-step procedures. The use of automated reactors (with FT-IR, FBRM, pH, temperature and turbidity sensors, etc.) guarantees the monitoring of all parameters.

  • Real-time crystallisation monitoring using the most recent process analyzing tools allows us generate detailed crystallizion profile necessary to optimize each process.

Custom Synthesis

We can synthesize and characterize reference compounds of APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates and critical process related impurities in a timely and cost-effective manner. Also, we can support you with the development of a control system for impurities involving manufacturing conditions and suitable analytical methods.

  • Scout the best API supplier on the market.
  • Reproduce the selected procedure to obtain the desired crystalline form.
  • Deliver the selected crystalline form with high purity profile and CoA.


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