MyCrystalPro: Our Online Portal

Polycrystalline can be entrusted with your most sensitive projects for method development and validation of API’s intermediates, raw materials and finished products.

From our experience a shared over-view is what enables effective communication within a group. In order to offer an added value to our clients at Polycrystalline we developed our own web portal for project communication named MyCrystalPro.

MyCrystalPro stands for “My Crystalline Project”, because at Polycrystalline we offer a transparent and streamlined partnership, with joint responsibilities and interactions.

In our unique interface there are four major features that summarize our governance:

  • ENHANCED EFFICIENCIES AND DELIVERABLES: We create tailored projects in collaboration with our clients using milestones and tasks to help understand complex tasks into easily manageable units. We offer more refined control with subtasks to break up the work into smaller parts and coordinate multiple team members.
  • CONTINUOUS FLOW OF INFORMATION: It is important that communication is never interrupted during project executing. We empower our clients to track project progress, discuss and comment in real-time so we can hit deadlines and move the activities forward on time.
  • PROTECT AND SHARE ALL DATA: It’s easy to stay coordinated with our clients when every task, document, file and discussion is organized and stored. Most importantly MyCrystalPro applies the highest level of security standards while entering, storing, and retrieving all the information.
  • COLLABORATIVE REAL-TIME WORKSPACE: Our clients are able to keep up to date their workgroup with what’s happening in each project instead of information scattered across email. We enable our clients to monitor their projects while driving decisions always with the right data.

We are looking forward to hear from you: Let’s Work Together!